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Cinemas around the world are working to keep you safe when you come back to the movies. As moviegoers we have a part to play to help everyone stay healthy, but if you're wondering what cinemas are doing to get ready for your return, just check out the videos.

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Are you? While theaters aren’t up and running everywhere just yet (safety first), many cinemas around the world are open for business. You might go see a recent blockbuster from earlier this year, or a classic from your past. Whatever you go to see, when it’s safe for you to do, it will be a cinema experience. You just can’t get that at home. Spread the love and share your #CinemaReady story for a chance to be featured here.

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When people think of the movies, they think of the red carpet and the premieres. And, yes, that's all part of the movie business. But to bring you the best cinematic experience, it takes an international community of experts passionate about movies. These people are dedicated to telling stories on the giant screen, day in and day out. Right now, the global cinema community needs your help. To learn you can support cinemas, check out the links. Know another resource we should include? Tell us about it here.

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We combine innovative cinema technologies with comprehensive and sustainable service models to guarantee your peace of mind. So you can focus on new ways to surprise and delight your customers for years to come. Together, we engage to deliver a world-class cinema experience - the one you've been waiting for.

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